What do I need to bring?
You need to bring two casual outfits, a sitting fee and any props that reflect your interests and passions. We will provide the tux and drape. We have people bring letterman jackets, favorite books, family pets, athletic balls and artwork. If you look at our senior section on the website, there is a good selection of samples. We always say bring one dressy outfit and one comfortable outfit that reflects the student’s style. Simpler colors are always better than busy prints. We also ask that students abide by their school’s dress code.

What if I can’t make my scheduled summer appointment?
Please call email us at our email account for your school, or change your appointment online. We take senior pictures all over Gwinnett County and allow our seniors to take pictures at other schools to help ensure they get their portraits done. We usually have availability starting mid June and almost every week day in July. There are no sittings in August but Make Ups begin in September.

What if I absolutely cannot make it over the summer?
We will have Make Up Days at your school that will begin in September. These dates will be determined by your school around the third week of school. You can call our office at 770-979-4203 to get the dates or ask your yearbook advisor. Make sure that you are photographed in September because once October begins, you could miss the deadline to be in the yearbook.

What does my sitting fee cover?
The sitting fee is a countywide fee. It covers your four years of picture Student IDs that Magic Moment Photography provides to the school. It covers the cost of printing your proofs and mailing them to your home. It covers the cost of the senior portrait literature that you receive notifying you of your appointments. It covers the option of selecting your senior picture that you want published in the yearbook. It covers the usage of any of the proofs in a senior ad to be included in the yearbook. It covers the cost of using our drape or tux. It also covers the extensive senior portrait set up. Technical preparation of the image for publication is covered.

Can I submit my yearbook selection after the date on the form?
The answer unfortunately is no. We get strict Publisher Deadlines that require us to submit your images by a certain deadline. Once we turn that data in, we cannot change it. This is why it is imperative that you come during the summer or the early Make Up days to get your senior pictures made. Our staff waits until the last possible minute to get your image selections and will do everything within our power to get you in the yearbook. However, if you are past the deadline our hands are tied. Please remember, by the end of senior pictures you will have had about 65 days of opportunity to have had your picture made.

What number do you need for my yearbook selection?
We need the number off the front of the proof on the right side. The number will be four digits long with two letters. It will read _MG_####_FM.

How long do I have to order my senior pictures?
You can order until graduation. There is an incentive date in September to get a free calendar magnet and a yearbook deadline date. We hold onto the pictures for one year and then we archive them.

Will you edit my yearbook picture? We only edit purchased images. Editing is an extensive process by a retouch artist and is not a free service for unpurchased images.

How do I submit my yearbook selection? You can only email or mail your selection in. We do not take them over the phone because we require a written record. You can either write yearbook on the back of the proof you want and mail it in to us at P.O. Box 1050 in Grayson, GA 30017 or email it to us. If you email, please include your students name, school and image number. The image number is on the front of the proof. It reads _MG_####_FG. As long as the mail is postmarked by the yearbook deadline date, you will have no problem. The email address for your school is listed on our homepage.